Our vision: The ESCAPE Foundation strives to protect and restore endangered and threatened wildlife species across the globe by encouraging the collaboration of world-class talent and local expertise.


Because of the international demand for ivory, elephants in East Africa are prime targets for poachers. ESCAPE Foundation is supporting scientific and educational efforts coupled with direct intervention to stop this brutal practice.


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Recent News

Richard Leakey Tries to Save the Elephants—Again
By Graham Boynton, Newsweek - August 28, 2014

Richard Leakey has returned to Kenya’s Maasai Mara game reserve, and one of the first social calls he makes is to the local Maasai elders. He says it is traditional in African society that if a known elder—the Swahili word … Continue reading

Trade Me Bans Ivory Sales (New Zealand)
By Fiona Gordon, The New Zealand Herald - August 21, 2014

Trade Me has announced they will ban the sale of ivory and other animal parts of endangered species including rhinoceros, tigers, lion, leopards, jaguar, cheetah, elephants, gorilla, chimpanzee, red panda, dugong and manatees. The ban will come into effect on … Continue reading

Dubai Airport Survey
Vesela Todorova, The National

DUBAI // A survey of more than 900 travellers at Dubai International Airport found the majority agreed with a complete ban on all elephant ivory products. Almost 93 per cent of the 942 people surveyed from more than 20 countries … Continue reading